Seal pups are starving to death

//Seal pups are starving to death

We know that Cape fur seals are dying each year. Many pups are starving. Some people, especially fishermen, claim that there are too many seals. The reality is that the government is allowing fishermen to overfish. They are catching more fish than scientists say they can catch without harming the population. Besides the fish that they catch within the quota system, they are catching even more fish illegally. These fish are not even counted by the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. Is it any wonder that seal pups are starving to death?

It’s not only here in Namibia that seal pups are facing such problems. Here is an article about Guadalupe fur seals who are washing up on shore emaciated:

Fur seal pups washing up on California shores

The threats to ocean life are very serious now. Over-fishing, destructive fishing practices, pollution, climate change are all putting the ocean ecosystems that humans, seals and other marine animals depend on in jeopardy.

We must all do our part. What we eat and how we make our voices heard in the political system matter.

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