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This is the informative leaflet that Seal Protection Namibia prints and distributes nationwide. Please contact us for copies of the leaflet. We appreciate your help in distributing it to your contacts.

Please join us in distributing these leaflets at the University of Namibia, Windhoek campus. Contact us for dates and times.

Seal Protection Namibia urges tourists to boycott Namibia until the massacre is ended once and for all. Otherwise, our government will continue to seek tax receipts from both the killing of the seals and from seal watching. We must motivate our government to ban the killing of seals by demonstrating that informed tourists will stay away in order not to support this atrocity.

If you are a foreign tourist who has considered visiting Namibia, please contact our Minister of Environment and Tourism and let him know that you will postpone your trip until the government bans the killing of Cape fur seals.

Hon Pohamba Shifeta
Tel +264 61 284 2111
Fax +264 61 22 9936

This is a tourist’s video of Cape fur seals at Cape Cross. These tourists probably did not know that these seal pups are being attacked early each morning by clubbers from July to mid-November.