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Cape fur seals need our help

The truth about the killing of Cape fur seals in Namibia's seal reserves must be told.
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What is the mission of Seal Protection Namibia?

Seal Protection Namibia was formed to put an end to the clubbing of Cape fur seal pups and shooting of Cape fur seal bulls in Namibia.

Our concerns are both the cruelty of the killing of these animals and the potential for causing greater harm to the species and the ecosystem of which they are a part.

We seek to educate our fellow Namibians about this situation, to compel our government to allow all citizens, our media, and non-governmental organizations to witness and record the killing at any time, and ultimately to put an end to this slaughter and reform pertinent wildlife policies.

Please join us. We seek active volunteers, donors, and supporters who will help us disseminate information and raise their voice to protect the seals.

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I am happy to have found this organization. I want every Namibian to know about the clubbing of seal pups. I believe that we can end this cruel practice if we work together.
This is shocking information. I want to help.